About Us


Manufacturers Of Shoes Since 2004

Production Capacity of 60,000 pairs per month

In compliance with international quality and environmental management system (An ISO 9001 & 14001 company)

Highly experienced CFTI(central foot training institute of India) selected R&D department.

In-house designers from Italy & Spain

Inclusive Exports is a well-established organization reputed for its consistence in quality and timely shipments. Our quality control team consists of highly dedicated and experienced professionals in the footwear industry. The process of quality control is a way of life at Inclusive Exports, and the manufactured products are checked by our quality controllers at every stage. We also use the system of double-checking in order to lessen the chances of human error.


Inspection is of paramount importance.

Our in house research and development programme enables us to provide superior samples made under the direct supervision of experts. Inclusive Exports is one of the fastest organizations in responding to the counter sample requirements of the buyers. The basis of our organization is the long standing relationship with the tanneries and suppliers of components. We also have captive units for customized mould making for different types of soles, direct access to laboratories for testing of key components and complete shoes. Workers in the factories are adults who are trained professionals and take pride in their craft.